The most fascinating perfume culture takes form in sublime and elegantly shaped fragrances 100% Made in Italy.


The House of Oud is the name of a brand, the signature of a style, but even before that it is the story
of a friendship between an Italian master perfumer Andrea Casotti and a producer of Jakarta oud Mohammed Abu Nashi. OUD is also an acronym that encapsulates all the two founders’ spirit of research, standing for ‘our unique devotion’.


THoO is setting out on its journey through the contemporary world, cross-fertilising between art, music, styles, fragrances, painting, beauty, patisserie, nature and life, following the map of creative freedom. THoO interprets the beauty of discovering a different outlook every day, of living at the crossroads, of listening to and choosing our inner selves, even before we decide
which of those roads to pursue.



Blend Oud is a refined mélange combining the knowledge of the Arabic perfumery art that goes back millennia with the most magical and emblematic ingredient in the history of perfume: Oud.


Perfumes are a powerful means of expression. They give depth to an image, revive a souvenir and speak a universal language. I started creating fragrances to give my photos a tridimensional characteristic and for my art to carry a message.



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